Harry James Potter: A Character Analysis of Trauma and Mental Illness
Amber Alexander

Minimalist Fan Poster (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale)
Kaitlin Daum

[][][] (aka, “Digital Art of Abstract Locations”)
Peter Detrick

Behold, the 2022 edition of Cornfield Review: Online. If you are new to this modest little corner of the web, this publication is a kind of digital media “insert” for our parent publication, titled appropriately enough Cornfield Review, the literary journal of The Ohio State University at Marion. Got it? Good. Let’s proceed, shall we?

In this edition, you'll notice the Lightbox, a regular feature that showcases the artwork and photography from our contributors (much of which is also featured in the print version). As we’ve done in the past, we showcase the winner of the annual Digital Media Composition Award; this year, it’s Amber Alexander’s critical video essay “Harry James Potter: A Character Analysis of Trauma and Mental Illness.” (Congratulations, Amber!) We feature a couple of pieces of cool digital production as well. One is Kaitlyn Daum’s minimalist fan poster design, an homage to the 2009 film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. We also have a cool digital triptych designed by Peter Detrick, cryptically titled [][][] (aka, “Digital Art of Abstract Locations”). All in all, it’s a very cool little collection, so please check it out!

CR: Online showcases creative work in the areas of digital media, graphic design, illustration, writing, and photography. Although most of our submissions come from students, staff, and faculty situated on the OSU Marion and Marion Technical College campus, we're interested in showcasing the work of area artists and writers from all over the Central Ohio region. We encourage you to send us any and all of your questions, feedback, requests, suggestions, and especially submissions. Feel free to contact Ben McCorkle via email: mccorkle.12@osu.edu.

Ben McCorkle
Faculty Adviser/Editor
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