Harry James Potter: A Character Analysis of Trauma and Mental Illness
Amber Alexander

Minimalist Fan Poster (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale)
Kaitlin Daum

[][][] (aka, “Digital Art of Abstract Locations”)
Peter Detrick

AMBER ALEXANDER is a ‘22 spring graduate from Ohio State (B.A. in English with research distinction). She plans to pursue graduate studies for Creative Writing and/or Literature. This year she was unofficially voted most likely to quietly take over the world, least likely to survive The Hunger Games (second year in a row), and moderately likely to continue the same debate with Tarantino from the year before. She would like to thank the surrealist movement but most importantly the English department for their support and mentorship the past five years; it’s been an honor to learn from you.

JAMIE BALDWIN |  I'm from Farmdale Ohio. I am a psychology major graduating in 2023, and my favorite movie is John Carpenter’s The Thing.

GAVIN BUEHL | Gavin is a photographer from Hilliard.

KAITLYN DAUM is a current high school senior at Marion Harding and has found a new love for digital art through Digital Media Composing. She plans to go to college for Neuroscience and Mathematics. She writes, “Taking Digital Media Composing at Ohio State-Marion showed me that it is okay to be creative and allowed me to be myself in a classroom setting, which I have never been able to do before.”

Hi, my name is PETER DETRICK. I'm an amateur game developer and generalized digital artist. I'm currently attending OSUM, looking to major in Computer Science.

ALEX HARRIS is an aspiring author, part-time poet, also known as an English major with a focus in Creative Writing. Those who know him have described him as ‘an Agent of Chaos,’ ‘that weird guy,’ and ‘a menace to himself, to those around him, and to himself. Yeah, I know I said it twice.’ When asked about his greatest aspiration, he stated he wanted to someday publish a novel. When asked about his plans for the future, he gave a mumbled grunt and a half-hearted shrug.

Originally from the Netherlands, AUKE DE JONG is a Web Developer. Along with his passion for coding, Auke enjoys biking, traveling, gaming and photography. He currently lives in Marion with his wife and their two cats, Dorian and Brutus.


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