LGBTQI Health 101 (poster)
Hannah Russell

“If You Go Camping, You'll Need a Map"
j.a. cummings


Kyle L. Bailey: I am an Anime and Video Game Enthusiast. I enjoy being creative and imaginative, and allow my imagination to get out of control at times; Imagination Expert. I am from and currently reside in Marion Ohio. I'm attempting to get into Visual Communication Design, but I also enjoy writing creatively.

Hi, I am Jherek Cummings. I am 37 years old. I am working on my bachelor`s degree at OSUM, with an English major and an anthropology minor. When I finish school in the fall, I will be pretty good at writing. In the future I will be writing in creative ways of expressing the experience of being human. I have enjoyed writing short stories, poems and prose. Whoever gets to read an issue of The Cornfield Review is really lucky, because it contains works from many artists including students at OSUM. I feel blessed to have been able to get my work published by the student publishers in Ben McCorkle`s Cornfield Review class. I was in McCorkle`s Cornfield class two semesters ago. It was a good experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in publishing. Thank you and enjoy the readings from The Cornfield Review. OH-IO!

Manijeh Hadjarpour - I am a student at OSU Marion.. I decided to go back to school after so many years and it was the best decision I made regarding my continued education. I have a son who will be graduating from OSU Columbus this semester, Spring 2014, in Business Agriculture with Applied Economics with Finance and Classics as his minor. I work at the Lazarus building in Downtown Columbus. I have tried to take Mary Fahy’s Digital Photography course several times, but due to numerous conflicts, I was unable to until this semester. I am enjoying the class and have learned a lot from my instructor.

Brittany Violet Long: Recent OSU graduate, long-time contributor to Cornfield.

Also known as Mandy Lewis, Mandy Lucero is a previous student at OSUM in the English and History departments. She is currently working in a field completely unrelated to either of her majors, but uses the skills she mined from her college career every day. She hasn't lost her love of photography or literature, and still seeks to show the world her point of view through a camera lens. With the support of her loving husband, she hopes to someday be able to focus all her energies on photography.

Summer Mollenkopf:

James Travis O'Quin: After a twenty year hiatus, during which I was serving in the United States Navy, I have returned to what I love...art. I am proud to have had my photographs selected and displayed amongst such great company. I look forward to growing and learning during my time here at OSU, and hope to have the distinct privilege to share my artwork with you every chance I get.

Hannah Russell is excitedly at the final stage of her transformation from homeschooled jungle freak to assimilated degree-holding nihilist.


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