"Eerie Erie" (Podcast segment) 
Karlie Marlatt & Hayden Smith

Drone Footage (Indianapolis + Take Care)
Doryan Miller



Doryan Miller, Drone Footage (Indianapolis + Take Care)


Indianapolis- In short fashion, this was named "Indianapolis" because this is where my wife and I decided to go on our honeymoon. We both had never been to Indianapolis before, but wanted to have a great time! The downtown area was beautiful, and it proved to truly be an amazing experience! This was just something to recapture the moment for us so that we'd always remember the fun we had, in Indianapolis.

Take Care- I've always loved music, and how it can express an array of emotions in all people. Though songs tend to give off a sense of emotion, it's fascinating how we as people can either feel that same emotion or feel something completely different, or even both! This was made to show off a sense of nature in a peaceful way, while also incorporating a calmness that allows you to pleasantly take in the video. .

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