Spotlight (continued)
Arthur Taussig

Twilight: Eclipse Trailer Remix
Abigail Burns

Esrael Nykea Bennett: Your art should always come from an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. When you write, sing, dance, or do any form of art, use every sense in your body to relay the emotion and passion that goes into your work. Only then can true art be created.

Abbie Burns: Abbie made the trailer featured here as a CCP (College Credit Plus) student and is now attending OSU Columbus to major in biology on a pre-med track in the Biological Sciences Scholars Program. She tells us, "Digital Media Composing was one of my favorite classes I have ever taken."

Cecilia Faucey is a Junior in high school and has enjoyed drawing as a pastime since kindergarten. Today, she works part-time as a waitress after school and plans to study architecture in college.

Amy Plough:
Photographer, writer, poet. Passionate about expression, reads from a deconstructionist point of view. Science fiction lover.

Jerome Shapiro:
This will be the third issue of Corn- field Review in which something of mine has appeared. Which just goes to show you, at OSU-M, old dogs can be taught new tricks. Thank you “Program 60,” the faculty, students, and staff, of OSUM.

Arthur Taussig is a contemporary multimedia artist and musician whose work has been shown in  the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Portland Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, and New Orleans Museum of Art, among many others. He currently lives in California.


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