"Among Us"
Riley Timms

Rebekah Hennip is a Psychology major at Ohio State Marion.

Emily Kauble (Marion, Ohio):
I have a bachelorís degree in Environmental Biology from MVNU and I am currently attending MTC for the Police Academy.

Amy Plough:
Photographer, writer, poet. Passionate about expression, reads from a deconstructionist point of view. Science fiction lover.

Cyndi Smith:
I am majoring in BA for medical anthro- pology minor in forensic sciences. I hold many positions in my life, such as; wife, mom, nana, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer for a Hospice organization, and of course, OSU student. My most favorite position in life is being a nana. On my spare time, I enjoy photographing nature and when the mood hits me right, writing poems or short stories from my heart.

Riley Timms:
  Psych major, horror fan. Dreams of living in the woods and disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

Hannah Ziegler is a student attending OSU and currently majoring in Agricultural Communication.


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