"Feed Me"
Scott Shirk

Power Rangers
Rosa Ubaldo

Christy Horton, Jan Coffey, John Long, Micah Vanvoorhis

Digital Oral Histories
Various, curated by Nancy Pine


Digital Oral Histories

Curated by: Nancy Pine

Featuring films by: James Bejarano, Rebecca Jane Estevez


Dr. Nancy Pine, Associate Professor of English at Columbus State Community College, Delaware Campus, is the curator of these projects, which were composed as part of her Autumn 2017 Composition I class. In this community writing project, in partnership with the Delaware County Historical Society, students recovered oral histories of Delaware County residents specifically about their lived experiences during World War II.  After conducting and recording interviews and then composing a written project focused on a particular theme—a snapshot of their interview partner’s experiences—they created a digital media version, working in the genre of digital storytelling.

World War II On the Homefront

James Bejarano (interview subject: Marge Matthews)

A Young Lady's Life On the Homefront

Rebecca Jane Estevez (interview subject: Virginia Barber)

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