Harry James Potter: A Character Analysis of Trauma and Mental Illness
Amber Alexander

Minimalist Fan Poster (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale)
Kaitlin Daum

[][][] (aka, “Digital Art of Abstract Locations”)
Peter Detrick


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Kaitlyn Daum, Minimalist Fan Poster (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale)

A crisp autumn day amidst the chaos referred to as life inspired me to compose this poster. Hachi was one of the first movies that I watched at the age of 4 with my father who had difficulty getting out of the house. The blue background sets the mood for the somber, yet reminiscent movie experience that the film brought me as a child. Blue was the sky for the majority of the days Hachi waited for the man at the train station. Blue was the mood of those who watched the story of Hachi, yet they were left with hope for the decency and respect that is left for human kind with the leaf on the tip of the nose. Out of the pain and confusion that Hachi felt while waiting for the man at the station, the changing of seasons did not stop him from waiting. Not only does the leaf represent hope, it represents the resilience that embodied Hachi. This resilience reflects onto the audience and sends the message of not giving up on others. Space between the letters of the title create symmetry while the typography conveys the simplicity of the message of the film: hope. Dog collars and subway tickets hint at the plot, but not enough to reveal the entirety of the plot. The cursive “a dog's tale” pulls the audience into the film whilst the contrast in the fonts mimics the poster design of the film originally. When moving up the poster, the train tracks give the audience a hint about the storyline, but have the minimalist aspect that allows for suspense to build and motivate the audience to dive deeper into the film. Hachi: A Dog's Tale had an impact on my childhood, and the childhood items added to the poster like a ticket, dog collar, leaves and train tracks allow for the audience to have the same feeling that I did as a child, hope.

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