"Double Identity"
Scott Shirk & Trevor Chuck

"All or Nothing"
Amber Alexander


Amber Alexander, "All or Nothing"


The film "All or Nothing" was a product of Dr. Braun's English 4578 in Spring 2018 where we focused on Film Noir and in this video had to use elements of the films we studied over the semester. The character in this film finds herself at a crossroads between staying true to her gentle, caring self, and later being so consumed by love that she allowed the man who broke her to change her. This would then lead her to becoming dangerous, reckless, and irresistible.

This film acts as a way of looking into this theory of the femme fatale and how she morphs into a society led predominantly by men. By following her heart through love and blindly changing herself, she allows herself to become something she wasn’t supposed to be.

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